Social Dilemma-Would You Want to Be Facebook Friends with Your Doctor?

Today's social dilemma came from a conversation I had with a friend of mine over the weekend.   Somehow or another we were talking about facebook and how nice it is to be able to connect with people that you don't see that often.  I love being able to check in on old friends and being able to make plans all on facebook.   And then she told me that she is facebook friends with her doctor.   I was a little shocked.  I asked if they were personal friends, and she said, no, the only way she knows him is as her doctor.   I asked if it was it a little weird knowing personal things about her doc, and letting him know personal things about her.  She said no, and that sometimes when she has some medical stuff going on, shell ask him about it, but he rarely answers those questions.   I told her I loved my doctor, my GP, and that he's been my guy for about 20 years, but I wouldn't want to be friends with him on facebook because I wouldn't want to ask those questions.   That's not a real friendship.  That would be just using him so I didn't have to go to the doc when I had an illness.   She said he doesn't mind.   It seemed a little strange to me, but I thought I would ask you how you felt about it.   Would you want to be friends with you doctor on facebook?   As much as I love my doctor, and I truly do, and if he ever retired, then sure, but not now, definitely not.  What about you?   Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.

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