Social Dilemma-Would You Vacation Alone?

Today's social dilemma is something I find very interesting.   Let me explain.  I have a friend who owns a time-share in Sanibel Island in Florida.  She used to go with her husband every year, but she and he husband divorced over the course of the past year, and she got the time-share in the divorce.  Well, her time to go is in August, but she's having some fear around going herself.   She's asked some friends, myself included, but unfortunately, we all already have our own vacation plans.  I told her she should go by herself.  It would be freeing and fun, and she could meet new people.  She's traveled alone before for her job with no problem.  I think her anxiety is more coming from the fact that it would be there and she would be alone.  But the truth is she knows some of the people that live in community.  And I think it would be a good way to christen the place on her own.  She's still a little uncomfortable but is thinking about it.   I used to vacation by myself all the time.   And I loved it.   I would go to the Cape and Myrtle Beach and other places I wanted to go that others didn't.  I always had a great time meeting people and having fun.   So would you vacation alone?  Do you feel comfortable doing it?  Or would you tell her to pass this year and wait till next year to go back?  Let me know what you think on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.  

Jaime in the Morning!

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