Social Dilemma-Do You Leave a Tip For the Maids In Your Hotel Room?

Today's social dilemma came up because of a conversation I had with friends over the weekend.  Four of us are heading off to DisneyWorld this Saturday and we were talking about expenses among other things.  Somehow or another, the subject of tipping came up.  And we were talking about tipping the maid service.  I said that at Disney they go above and beyond so I always tip more than usual.  And one of my friends said she never even thinks to tip the maid service.   And she said it like I was crazy to even think about doing it.   Then I asked a friend of mine who had done maid service in the past and she said that people forget to tip all the time.   I don't know, I just thought since they're cleaning up after me, the least I can do is tip them nicely.  And sometimes, I don't even have them clean the room.  I just exchange out the towels and let them chill for a while.  It can't be fun cleaning up after people all day.  And yes it's their job but that doesn't mean you can't be nice.   And like I said, in Disney it's above and beyond.  The towels are all folded like Mickey Mouse. Sometimes there's an extra treat in your room.    So simple question this morning.  Do you tip the maid service when you stay at a hotel.  I always leave $2-3 dollars per day.   What about you?  Do you think I'm being too nice?  Is this something that you're not supposed to tip for? What do you do when you go to a hotel?   

Jaime in the Morning!

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