What Annoys You Most When You're Trying to Watch TV?

There's a new poll out that shows we can all get a little annoyed when we're watching TV by some pretty simple things.  I relate to this poll cause it happens all the time in my house.   When I finally get a chance to sit down and watch TV, I like to really get into it, but the number one thing, according to the poll and according to me, that bothers people when they're watching TV is someone talking while you're trying to watch.  Diane is constantly asking me questions about the show.  The second biggest annoyance is having to sit through commercials.   I have to admit, I don't mind commercials that much.   Truly, I know that sounds weird, but sometimes just watching regular old TV and not fast forwarding through everything feels just right.  The third thing that bothers us is getting a phone call during our favorite show.  I don't let that one get to me, because unless it's my mom, I let it go to voicemail until the show is over.   Here's the rest of the list.   What bothers you when you're trying to chill with your favorite show?

TV Annoyances

  1. People talking while you are trying to watch TV
  2. Advertisements
  3. Getting a phone call
  4. Someone spoiling the end of a show they've already seen
  5. People getting bored and asking to turn over
  6. People pausing it to do other things while you are watching it
  7. Buffering when using catch up/on demand TV
  8. Someone moaning about what you are watching
  9. People falling asleep
  10. People turning the volume up too high or down too low 
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