Social Dilemma-Did This Mom Go to Far Disciplining Her Messy Daughters?

Today's social dilemma came from an email I received from Amy.  I thought this was really interesting so let's get to it.  Hi Jaime, my name is Amy and, I always listen to your show but have never called in or written before so here goes: According to my two high school daughters, I am officially the most cruel mother on earth! They are great girls and the love of my life, but they are like pigs at home. We have been battling all summer about keeping their bedrooms clean. I am so sick of dirty clothes thrown everywhere. Honest to god, it looks like Dollar Days at the Salvation Army! I've given repeated warnings that if they didn't clean up their act, I would start tossing their clothes out. Well they pushed me over the edge last weekend and so I grabbed two big piles of clothes off the floor and dropped them off at . . you guessed it: the Salvation Army! . They freaked out calling me crazy and that I should try to go back and get them, but I refused, so they won't even speak to me. Now that I've cooled down, I'm wondering if I went too far since I basically gave away something that doesn't belong to me. But then again, it's my house and they need a little discipline. Would you mind seeing what other parents think? I always listen to your social dilemma every morning so I really hope you talk about this.  Thank you so much Jaime  I hope I'm not a horrible mom. ~ Amy.

I don't think Amy is a horrible mom at all.  I know how frustrating it is trying to get teenagers to do something.  I have hidden things from my nieces and nephews before trying to get them do clean up, but I've never given away their stuff.  I think I would have told them I gave the stuff away and hid it for a week until they learned to clean their room.  But I don't think I would ever give it away.  But I do understand how Amy felt.  What do you think?  Did Amy go too far?  Or was it okay because she gave her daughters fair warning.  Let me know what you think on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.

Messy bedroom
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