Social Dilemma-Is it Okay to Kiss or Touch Other People's Babies?

Today's social dilemma came about because of a conversation I had with a younger friend of mine who recently had a baby. Little Joey is three months old and absolutely adorable. However, my friend has a policy and I'm not so sure I agree with this policy of hers. She doesn't want anyone kissing the baby. Not friends, not even outside family members like aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. I wanted so badly to kiss that baby on Saturday afternoon when I saw them, but nope, that's her rule and I followed it because she's the mom, but I think she's doing the baby a disservice in lots of ways. So this is her rule: "Do not kiss babies if they aren’t yours. Not even on their hands. I didn’t realize until I became a mom how careless people are around infants. If you are around my child please just wash your hands & DO NOT KISS HIM. Don’t claim to love someone if you are willing to put their health in danger. To all the mamas out there, don’t feel bad about telling someone they can’t touch your child. We are our babies’ voices, so it’s OUR job to protect them"   Now she is little Joey's mom so she gets to make the rules, but I think it's doing more harm than good.  Yes you may protect him from getting a cold, but any doctor will tell you that babies need to be exposed to germs to therefore build up a resistance.   Also, kisses and hugs show love and that's the only way a baby can feel love.  They don't understand the words, I love you.  So for me, I say kiss away and hug away when it comes to babies.  But she STRONGLY disagrees.  I'm just curious how you feel.  I know in my life, most people are this way with first babies, but when the second comes along, they'll let anyone hold and kiss the baby.  However, little Joey is my friends third child, so that's not what this is.    So what do you think?  Kiss and hold babies that aren't yours, or are you like my friend, stay away from any baby that you did not give birth to or adopt?  Let me know what you think on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.

Kissing Someone Else's Baby
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