Have You Ever Seen This "Caterpiller" On Your Tomato Plants?

Okay, so as you know I was working outside yesterday on the house, mowing the lawn and such.  We've noticed that some of our tomato plants are dying and we were trying to figure out why.  Well, on one of them we saw this caterpiller that is pictured below.  I mentioned that I had never seen one like that so maybe that was the problem.  Long story short, we looked it up and found out that it's a Tomato Horn Worm.  Now comes the gross part.  The Tomato Horn Worm will eat your tomato plant.  However, and here it comes, if the worm has little white, what look like grains of rice on it's back, they leave it alone because those little white things are........WASP LARVAE!!!!  This is nature.  Wasps lay their larvae on the back on the horn worm and it kills the horn worm, thus saving your tomato plant.  Nature is just the weirdest thing ever and I have to tell you the thought of this thing grosses me right out.  Have you ever seen one?  Has this happened to your tomato plants?  Tell me I'm not the only one please!!!!!

Tomato Horn Worm on my Tomato Plant!
Jaime in the Morning!

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