My Tribute to Teachers On Their First Day Back!

I want to take a minute today to say thank and to honor all the teachers heading back to work.  We all make jokes about teachers having the summer off, and how great that must be, but the truth is, teachers are always working.  Whether it's going into their classroom over the summer or picking up school supplies for kids who they know won't be able to afford them, their mind and their actions are never far from their work, even over the summer.  Today, most teachers in elementary and high school collectively head back to work.   And I know they'll hit the ground running.   I have for whatever reason, found myself surrounded by teachers.  My sweetie, my best friend, my godchildren, my niece, all teachers.  And all profoundly dedicated to their work.  But today is tough.  It's back to school, getting ready to meet new students, learning what each one needs and making sure they're taken care of, not only educationally, but with everything else too.  I have teachers like that who taught me, and now we have more, thank God who feel that same way.   So today I want to say Thank you to the teachers who are getting ready to take care of our children, the children in our community.  We appreciate you.  You do amazing, important work, for little money.   And your dedication is incredible.    So while today might be tough, hitting the ground running and all, but we know you're up to the task.  Thank you for all you do!  

Teacher in Classroom
Jaime in the Morning!

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