Social Dilemma-Would You Share Your Ear Buds With Someone?

Today's social dilemma came about because of something that happened to me over the weekend. I've been going to a gym here and there to work out.  Workout is a strong word, or two. I want to buy a treadmill, but I don't want to buy it until I know I will actually use it and that it will actually help me feel better.  Anyway, I was at the gym with a friend of mine and I'm listening to my music and she's on the next treadmill, listening to her music, and then she pulls out her earbud and says to me, my ear buds just died.  So I took was shaking them around while they were in her ears to see if it was a short, but nope, they died.  Anyway, then she said to me.  Why don't we share your ear buds.  I'll take one ear and you can take the other and then we can both listen to music.   Now you know me, I am always happy to share, but this seemed to schkevy to me.  Sharing earbuds felt so wrong.  And I knew if I let her use them then I would never use them again.   So I diverted the issue and said, let's just chat for the last ten minutes of our walk, and that's what we did.  After it was all over, I told her I was a little grossed out at the thought of sharing ear buds.  She said she didn't get that and that if it was really a big deal, I could wipe them down after she had used them.   I still couldn't do it.   So would you share your earbuds with someone else?  And if you did, would you be okay using them again.  I admit it, I wouldn't.   I'm sorry.  What about you?  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.  

Sharing ear buds
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