Social Dilemma-If You Borrow A Friend's Car and It Breaks Down, Do You Pay?

Today's social dilemma came from a friend of mine.  Her name is Sarah, and she's having an issue with another friend, Brenda.   This is what happened.  Brenda's car was in the shop, but she needed to get to a doctor's appointment so she asked Sarah if she could borrow her car.  Sarah said, yes of course, no problem.   So Brenda borrows the car, goes to her appointment and on the way home, something snaps in the car.  She can hear it, but doesn't know what it is.  She pulls over and ultimately figures out that the emergency brake snapped.  So she drives the car home to Sarah, tells her what happened and gives her the keys back.  Sarah asked her how it happened and Brenda said she had no idea.  She wasn't driving with the emergency brake on, it just snapped.  Sarah thinks Brenda should have to pay for the damaged emergency brake, Brenda thinks it would have happened no matter who was driving, and now two close friends are locked in a battle.   I think they should split the cost, but neither one of them are happy with that decision.  So what do you think?  If you borrow a friend's car and something breaks on it, are you responsible for fixing it?  I say partially at least, what about you?  Let me know on the 98-3 TRY Facebook page.  

Car breakdown
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