Social Dilemma-Do You Clean Your Teeth At The Table in A Restaurant?

Social dilemma today came up last night at dinner.  Was out win a few friends,.  You know, the kind of friends that will have your back when you need it.  The kind of friends who will tell you when you have something caught in your teeth, which is exactly what happened last night.  We're at the table, and the meal is almost over and one of my friends has some food stuck in his teeth, so of course, I let him know.  Well, he suddenly starts picking at it with the cardboard coaster that was on the table.   There were four of us at the table, and two of us started telling him to stop right this minute.   He said, you told me I had something in my teeth.  To which I replied, that means you go into the bathroom and clean it out.  You don't start picking at your teeth at the table with a piece of cardboard no less.  He said we're all buddies so it's fine.  I along with one other person said, we love you, but that's gross and unacceptable.   The other person thought it was no big deal.  So what do you think?  Is it okay to pick your teeth at the table with your best buds, or should you ALWAYS go into the bathroom.  I say even with my besties, you get up and leave the table.  What about you?  Let me know on the TRY Facebook page. 

using toothpick at the table
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