Social Dilemma-Have You Ever "Dumpster Dived" To Find A Lost Item?

I've been waiting to talk about today's social dilemma because I had to get the okay from my neighbor.  I would never want to embarrass her.  Thankfully yesterday she gave me the thumbs up.  My neighbor Beth is great.  She's married, has three kids, works, you know one of those people who can do everything and does it all well.  Well, over the weekend, one of her kids lost their glasses.   They went crazy looking for them and then ultimately decided they must have thrown them away.  Of course, by that time there was already tons of garbage in the can.  You know, bags willed with coffee grinds, and leftover food and all kinds of gross stuff.   But glasses don't come cheap so Beth, God bless her, jumped right on in.  She went through everything for about 20 minutes until her husband screamed outside, stop looking, we found them under the sink!!  Now how they got there who knows, but by this time, Beth was covered in garbage.   She was telling me the story and I was laughing so hard, but the truth is, I accidentally threw my keys away once at a department store and had to go through the garbage there.   Disgusting, but I found them.   At least Beth was only going through her family's trash.  So, have you ever accidentally thrown something into the garbage and you ended up having to go through the dumpster to get it back?   Would you do it?  Or would you be okay letting that item go?  Let me know on the TRY Facebook page!

dumpster diving
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