Social Dilemma-Do You Wear Makeup Or Get "Dressed" To Work Out?

Today's social dilemma came up when we were chatting here at work about New Year's resolutions and just getting in shape.  In the midst of the conversation, I said I used to belong to a gym, but that for Christmas this year, Santa brought me a treadmill, so I can now stay home and do my thing, which is great because I watch TV while I'm on the treadmill.   Everyone was saying how great that is, and then one of my coworkers said, it's also great because you don't have to worry about what you look like or putting on makeup.   I of course, laughed.  I'm not a big makeup person, but besides that, I never once worried about what I looked like at the gym.  The whole point of going to the gym is to sweat and workout and I'm certainly not thinking about how I look when I'm doing that.  But several people, most women, but a couple of guys too said they absolutely think about how they look at the gym.  They buy special "gym" clothes and the women even said they have special makeup they wear that won't run when they sweat.  Okay, I guess if it makes you happy, but I really had never heard of doing this.   So I thought I'd ask you.  When you're going to work out, do you put makeup on??  Do you have special workout clothes that make you look good when you're working out??  I work out in sweats and a ripped sweatshirt.   Are you more like me or them.   Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.  

Jaime in the Morning!

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