Social Dilemma-Do You Tell If Someone Else Left a Store Without Paying?

Today's social dilemma came from an email I received from Carrie Ann.  It's an interesting situation, and I'm sure what the right answer is.  Here's the email.  Hi Jaime.  Can you please use this as your social dilemma.  I'm really torn about this situation that happened.  I was in line at the supermarket getting ready to check out, and there was a woman in front of me. She had put everything on the belt except her big bag of dog food, she left that at the bottom of the cart. The lady at the register gave her the total without ringing up the dog food! So I said "wait a minute, you forgot the dog food!" and the woman checking out turned and screamed at me "Thanks a lot lady! What are you a security guard? My husbands unemployed and we're trying to feed our dog!" and pushed her cart back as she was grabbing the dog food and threw it on the belt and she said "just have someone put this back." I didn't mean for the dog to go hungry.    Did I do the wrong thing by speaking up?  Please use this because I"m not sure what the right thing to do would have been.   Thanks so much ~ Carrie Ann.   

That's a tough one.   For me, I generally try not to involve myself in other people's stuff.   Personally I probably wouldn't have even noticed the dog food on the bottom but that's just me.   I guess if that did happen, I would have offered to pay for the dog food because I certainly don't want any dog going hungry.  However, I don't like the idea that the woman was purposely trying to steal the dog food so it's a tough one.   But for me, I probably wouldn't have said anything about what was on the bottom of anyone's cart.   What about you?  What would you have done in this situation?   Please let me know what you think on the TRY Facebook page.  

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