Social Dilemma-Where Do You Store Your Bread? Fridge or Counter??

Today's social dilemma came out of a silly conversation I had with my neighbor about bread.   I was over at her house having coffee just hanging out chatting, and we decided to have lunch because our conversation just kept going.  So she asked if sandwiches were okay, and of course I said yes and offered to help.  So she said, sure, just grab the bread out of the fridge.  To which I asked, why is your bread in the fridge???   She said it keeps it fresher.   I said I had never heard that and we keep our bread either on the counter or in the "bread box" drawer.  you know the drawer I mean, the deep one where you're supposed to put your bread.   She said that bread in the fridge lasts much longer.   I don't buy it.  I think bread in the fridge will dry out and not be as soft.  When it's on the counter or in the bread box, it's nice and soft and yummy good.   So I thought I would ask people here at the office this morning what they do.  Surprisingly about 40% of the people store their bread in the fridge.   I still can't go for it.  I like my bread at room temperature and soft and fresh.  So I'm asking you.  Where do you store your bread?  Do you put it in the fridge or do you leave it on the counter or in the bread box??  Let me know because I really think I'm right about this one in terms of freshness.   Tell me what you think on the TRY Facebook page. 

loaf of bread
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