Social Dilemma-How Do You Tell A Coworker That They Smell Bad?

Today's social dilemma came from Maura. She has a tough situation at work and doesn't know what to do. Here's the email. Hi Jaime. Each day on my way to work I always hear your social dilemma, and I love thinking of what my take would be on each one. But now I have my own social dilemma and I think you'll find it interesting. I work everyday in a relatively small office. Thankfully everyone gets along really well. However, we just hired a new young man to work with us. He's excellent at his job, but there is a problem. He clearly doesn't use deodorant, and he has pretty strong body odor. Sometimes there are even sweat stains under his arm. Trust me when I tell you that the work we do is not the kind that requires sweat. We work in an office at our desks on the computer, phone and in meetings. He's a nice guy and he's good at his job, but his hygiene leaves a lot to be desired. We're not quite sure how to handle it. We've talked with our supervisor about it, but he doesn't want to say anything for fear of a lawsuit. I don't think this is a lawsuit situation. We all have certain dress codes at work and ways we have to act, and cleanliness should be one of them. What do you think Jaime? Should one of us say something or should our boss be the one to say something? Or do we just leave it alone? I would so appreciate your help. Thank you Jaime. ~ Maura. WOW. I think someone should tell the poor guy that he has a body odor issue. Quietly, not in front of anyone else, but just pull him aside and let him know. He clearly doesn't know he smells or he would do something about it, so I think the nice thing to do is to tell him, even though it might be a little embarrassing. What do you think? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

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