Fun, Positive Things About a Big Snowstorm!

Yes, it's true, we're getting hit with another Winter Storm. And yes, it's true that driving in the snow is at worst scary and at best, annoying. And yes, we'll have to shovel, snowblow or get someone to plow us out, but you know what? There are also some really fun things about a big Northeastern Winter Storm. Let's talk about those for a few minutes. First off, there's nothing like being in your house in your sweats or jammies while it's snowing with your favorite snack food (frozen pizza, chocolate cream pie, chicken pot pies, Doritos, Popcorn or whatever food you happen to enjoy but only allow yourself on special occasions). You sit in your favorite chair or on the couch and binge watch a show you've been wanting to see or finally catch that movie and just relax while you look outside at the pretty snow falling from the skies. If you're a skier or snowboarder, this is perfect weather! You know you're going to have a great weekend of skiing ahead with all the new packed powder. Yes, I know we're older, but you know what, getting all bundled up and heading outside for a snowball fight is fun at any age. Sometimes my neighbors and I go out and just have at it over our fence. We have a ball. It doesn't last too long, but it sure is fun while it does. If you're lucky enough to be a dog owner, go outside in the snow with your pup. It's hard not to be happy seeing how much they love playing in the snow. Leo has a ball in it, and all it does is make me smile to see him jumping around having fun. And lastly, get yourself all bundled up and go out for a nice walk in a winter wonderland. As long as you're dressed warmly and you're walking in an area where you don't have to worry about traffic, it really is quite beautiful. I'm not saying walk for an hour but a nice 20 minute walk in the snow is invigorating and the scenery is gorgeous. So forget about the shoveling and the driving for a few minutes and think about the fun you can have while we're dealing with another Northeastern winter storm!

Jaime in the Morning!

Jaime in the Morning!

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