Social Dilemma-Do You HAVE to Send a Gift To a Wedding You're Not Attending

Today's social dilemma is actually a discussion I've been having with a friend/coworker of mine over the course of the past few days. Here's what's going on. We've both been invited to the wedding of an ex-coworker. Now we were not close with this woman at all. It's not that we didn't like her, it's just that because of the difference in our work hours, we worked in the early morning, and she came in about 2 in the afternoon, so our paths rarely crossed, so we hardly ever saw her or had the chance to hang out with her. She seemed very nice, but at best I think the both of us would call her an acquaintance. Anyway, this past week, we both got invitations to her wedding, which is sweet. However, since I don't know her that well, I won't be attending the wedding but I will be sending a gift. My friend thinks that we shouldn't even have to send a gift because it was inappropriate of her to invite us to the wedding at all. I think it was a nice gesture, my friend says she's just looking for gifts. So my friend is sending regrets and no gift. I'm sending regrets with a gift off her registry. Who do you think is right? If you're invited to the wedding of an acquaintance, and you send your regrets, should you still be expected to send a gift. I say yes, my friend says no. What do you think? Please let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

Jaime in the Morning!

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