Social Dilemma-Would You Have Stopped Drying Your Hands?

Today's social dilemma happened to me yesterday when I was out to lunch with some colleagues. I couldn't believe this happened, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I was out at a restaurant with several coworkers and colleagues and I had to use the women's room. After doing so, I went to wash my hands. After washing, I started using the hand dryer. So I start drying my hands and suddenly someone yells out from one of the stalls, "Hey, I'm trying to talk on the phone in here" Now I stopped drying for a second and was about to walk about with wet hands and then thought, this is crazy. So I continued to use the dryer. And the woman kept yelling at me to stop. So I finish up and am about to walk out of the bathroom, and the woman in the stall who was yelling at me comes out and starts telling me how rude I was. I just started laughing because I thought it was so ridiculous. She kept going at it, so I just walked out of the women's room. What would you have done in this situation? Would you have stopped drying your hands because someone was on the phone in a stall? Would you have yelled back at her, or would you have done what I did and walk away? All day long I kept thinking of things I should have said. You know how that is. So tell me how you would have handled it on the TRY Facebook page.

Jaime in the Morning!

Jaime in the Morning!

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