Social Dilemma-Should This Man Have Been Kicked Out Of His Gym?

Today's social dilemma came from an email I received and I personally feel like this is a bit of an overreaction, but I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. Here's the email: Hi Jaime, my name is Steve and I listen to your show every day when I'm working out at the gym before work. I'm a widower, my wife died about two years ago, and I feel like I'm finally ready to start dating. Well, the other day when I was working out, I saw a woman at the gym who was very attractive. I had seen her there before, and I thought she had seen me too. When I was looking at her, she looked over and smiled at me. So when she was done with her workout on the treadmill, I went over to her and asked if she would like to get coffee sometime. She replied that she probably wouldn't have the time and that she needed to get back to her workout. I took that as a big no and went back to working out as did she. But ten minutes later, management from the gym came over and I was asked to leave. I was told that the woman said I was making her nervous and that she didn't feel comfortable working out with me there. I was so upset and insulted. I didn't think I had done anything wrong. I wasn't creepy, I asked and once she said no, I walked away and left her alone. What did I do to make the gym kick me out and humiliate me? Did I do something horrible? I really hope you can use this as a social dilemma Jaime. I feel like the gym overreacted, but maybe I don't know anything about asking women out since I had been married for 18 years. Please help me out and let me know what you and your listeners think. I really appreciate it Jaime. Thank you again. ~ Steve. Wow, well I think the woman and the gym completely overreacted. If everything Steve is saying is true, and I have no reason to think it's not, then all he did was ask someone out and when she said no, he left her alone. Isn't that how asking someone out works?? And even if you're not interested, it's always flattering to have someone ask you out, as long as they're not pushy or creepy. And people are always talking about meeting others at the gym. I think it was an overreaction, but I look forward to hearing what you think. Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

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