Social Dilemma-Is Bad Handwriting a Dating Dealbreaker?

Today's social dilemma is an interesting one that came from an email I received and it has to do with getting into a new relationship and what's important. Here's the email: Hi Jaime and good morning! My name is Jessica and I’m a local middle school English teacher and I really love your show and your social dilemmas. So here’s why I’m emailing you. I’m 45-years-old and divorced, but I started seeing a really nice guy about two months ago who is so sweet. So sweet that he actually wrote me a handwritten love letter, which no man has ever done for me before. Here’s the problem, his handwriting and penmanship was so bad it actually turned me off when I was done reading it. He never went to college, works with his hands for a living, and makes twice as much as I ever will… so he’s not dumb or anything, he’s just not someone who writes a lot. I actually wanted to ask him if I could help him work on his handwriting and penmanship but I don’t want to insult him. Should I say anything to him about it, or should I just leave it alone? I just worry that if I leave it alone it will end up being a big issue for me and it could sabotage the relationship. What should I do?? Thanks for your help Jaime. I'll be listening ~ Jessica Well, personally, I wouldn't say anything. I think we all have our own shortcomings and love is about accepting those shortcomings in each other. This is a small thing. I know why it's important to Jessica, because of her career, but overall, I say it's not a dealbreaker. What do you think? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

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