The Momo Challenge Has Been Incredibly Over-Exaggerated!


Apparently the threat of the Momo Challenge online has been wildly over exaggerated. While news stations and even big celebrities have been warning us all about the Momo Challenge appearing in children's videos, there is no real evidence of any child being harmed or harming themselves because of this challenge. Sure, there have been reports, but so far, none of those reports can definitively be traced back to the Momo Challenge. And since YouTube has taken down any content that had anything to do with Momo down, there's no way to know how many videos were affected. It seems like this is a case of the internet blowing something up to make it sound bigger than it is. We should always pay attention to what our children are watching whether it's on TV or online, but how many kids have actually seen "Momo" It doesn't sound like too many. Check out these two articles, one from Buzzfeed and the other from Snopes (the website that is dedicated to outing hoaxes) and read what they have to say about the Momo Challenge. Basically it sounds like this is a case of something happening perhaps once or twice but getting blown up to make it sound like it was prevalent all over the world, thus making copycats want to post more videos. Bottom line, always pay attention to what your child is watching and all will be alright. Let me know what you think on the TRY Facebook page.

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