Social Dilemma - Table or Booth When Dining With Six People?

Today's social dilemma is one I've had before and it makes me crazy. I went out to dinner with friends a couple of weeks ago and who knew that simple task could cause a disagreement that lasted throughout the meal. Here's what happened. Went out with five of my buddies, which obviously means there were six of us. We get to the restaurant and it's time to be seated and the hostess asks, booth or table? I immediately say table, while all five of my friends say booth. I explain that with six of us, a booth is going to mean four people are "stuck" on the inside, and I'm claustrophobic and don't like that. Also, if someone has to get up and go to the bathroom, half of the people have to move. I said, with a table, we all have our own space, and if you need to get us to go the bathroom or to make a phone call, then you can do that without disrupting anyone else. The rest of them told me to stop being so practical and to sit in the booth which will be more comfortable. I said okay as long as I had the spot on the end and they agreed. (At this point, the hostess wanted to smack us, though she was being very very nice about it). Anyway, we sit in the booth, but over the course of the meal, I had to get up no less than four times to let friends out to either go to the bathroom, make a call or take a call. Each time I tried to plead my case, but they all laughed at me and that was that. So I thought I would ask you this morning. Booth or table? I will always pick table even if there's only two of us, but they all said always booth. So what about you? Are you a booth person or a table person?  Let me know on the TRY Facebook page

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