Social Dilemma-Do You Get Upset When Someone Uses A Nickname For You?

Today's social dilemma is an interesting one about how we address each other. I can't wait to hear what you think. Here's the email I received. Hi Jaime. I love listening to your show and your social dilemma. I really appreciate your positivity every morning. It really helps me start my day. Now for my name is Judith. This is my name, not “Judy”. I realize some people use nicknames, but I do not. It never fails, whether it’s a bank teller or a colleague I am meeting for the first time. Why do people have to assume they can call me Judy. I introduce my self as “Judith”. So, how do you politely correct someone, especially someone in a professional setting or a higher position. I have a few friends in the same position, with names like “Christina” or “Edward”. What do you think ? Please tell folks not to assume to use a nickname, especially if you are introduced by a full name.Thank you so much Jaime !Have a blessed day ! ~ Judith. Interesting dilemma. I personally don't mind a nickname. People call me Jay, or JRo, like JLo, or Jaimster and it's all fine with me. But I understand the nickname thing. My nephew's name is James, but inevitably people call him Jimmy. But that's not his name. It's James. And I do see him get frustrated when people, even teachers say Jimmy and he has to say something. And he's a shy kid to begin with. But I think I would just kindly say "Oh I don't really use a nickname. I never have so this is what I go by." I think people like to use nicknames because it makes us feel closer to the person, but maybe I'm wrong. What do you think? Do you have someone who calls you by a nickname and you wish that they wouldn't? Or are you okay with it? Let me know what you think on the TRY Facebook page.

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