Social Dilemma-Would You Date Someone Who's Been Divorced 3 Times?

Today's social dilemma came from one of my friends who is currently dating. She lives in North Carolina now, but she's from here. Anyway, she's been divorced for about two years now and is back on the dating scene. She's on a couple of dating apps, and she started dating someone who she really likes. They've been going out for about four months and things are getting serious. And of course, our friend group is very happy for her. However, on one of their last dates, she found out something she didn't know before about him. She knew he was divorced, but she found out that he has been married and divorced three times. Now she's questioning her relationship with him. She thinks all is going well, and that he's a good man, but married and divorced three times is alot. Her sister is giving her a hard time about it, basically telling her she should dump him and move on, that there are plenty of men that would be better suited for a long term relationship. Even her kids who are in their early 20's are worried about her seeing this man. We in the friend group think a little differently though. We think if she's having a good time with him and all is going well, the past should be in the past. She doesn't know quite what to do now. She's afraid that her knowing this information may change their relationship. So what do you think? Should she keep seeing a man who's clearly had relationship issues in the past, or should she say goodbye and look for another? What would you do in that situation? Let me know what you think on the TRY Facebook page.

Jaime in the Morning!

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