Social Dilemma-How Many Bath Towels Do You Own?

Today's social dilemma came about after a conversation with some friends. We were talking about shopping and things we need and one of my buddies said she was heading out because there was a sale on bath towels. She said she was down to nine bath towels and needed more. Well I laughed and said, you live alone, how many bath towels do you need?!?! She said she has to have at least 15! Now I didn't understand that. Me and me sweetie have about 10 bath towels. But being the laundry fanatic that I am, I wash them every three days or so, so we always have PLENTY of clean ones. Plus I wash my bath towel after every two showers. Well, first she said, you should wash it after every shower and you should replace them after six months! And some of my friends were agreeing with her. I thought that was insane. Why would I replace them if they are still in good shape. I buy nice bath towels so they last a long time. Nope, they agreed that you need to replace them in six months and you should use a new towel for every shower. Now I'm a neatnik so I thought I was a little strange with only doing the two shower rule. I know people who use the same towel for four or five showers. So I thought I would ask you. How many bath towels do you have, how often do you replace them, and how many times do you shower using the same one. Help me out here. Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

Jaime in the Morning!

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