Woodstock 50 is NOT Officially Cancelled Yet!

As we told you before, the investors behind Woodstock 50 say it’s canceled, while promoters insists it’s going to happen, and now Woodstock co-founder and promoter Michael Lang is assuring fans it will take place. In a newsletter sent to folks who registered for Woodstock 50 updates, Lang insists they are still going to make the festival work. “We have yet to understand why [financer Dentsu-Aegis] would try to prevent the festival from happening by seemingly undermining us in this way,” he wrote. “Woodstock never belonged to Dentsu, so they don’t have a right to cancel it.” Lang insists, “Woodstock belongs to the people and it always will. We don’t give up and Woodstock 50 will take place and will be a blast!” 

Meanwhile, John Fogerty, who was one of the artists on the bill, thinks it’s a “shame” that the fest may not be happening, although he doesn’t sound completely surprised that things are going south. “You got the sense there was some shakiness to this whole thing,” he tells “Rolling Stone.” “But the first Woodstock happened more by people wishing for it to happen than any effort of great organization." Fogerty believes he was already paid for his participation in the fest, and if it doesn’t happen he says he’ll donate the money to his “favorite cause,” military veterans. “I’m from old-fashioned America. I hate to be paid for doing nothing,” he says. “So I would imagine donating it to a good cause. That would be the best use of the funds.”

So, we still don't have a final word on what's going on, but as soon as we get the information, we'll pass it along. Here's the question. Would you go to Woodstock 50 with all the drama that's been created around it? Would you pay those high ticket prices? Or is this a show you would pass on? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

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