Social Dilemma-Is Tipping Appropriate at a Drive-Thru Window?

Today's social dilemma has to do with going through the drive-thru and it's a good question from Maureen. This is what she wrote. Hi Jaime I haven't heard this particular social dilemma on your station before but realize that I may just not have "heard" it so if it's something you've previously covered, I understand. A week or so I went through my favorite drive-through coffee place and used ApplePay to pay for my coffee. Before handing me back my phone the person who took my order asked if I wanted to add a tip. I wasn't sure how to respond and said yes and added a small amount. This happened again a couple of days ago and this time I declined, realizing I felt really uncomfortable - I didn't really want to add a tip but felt guilty for saying no. Here's the thing, I've never really tipped at a drive-through, and hadn't considered whether this was something I should do or is an unusual thing to do. After all, I've never considered tipping at a McDonalds or Burger King when going through the drive-through. And let's be honest, at the cost of coffee these days tipping makes something that's already expensive even more so. So my question is this - do you think tipping is generally considered to be in good form when going through any drive-through food establishment, is it completely optional, or is it odd that I was asked this? I'm uncomfortable enough that I'm hesitant to go back there unless I'm prepared to tip, and frankly, I don't want to feel like I should have to, but I'm happy to go with consensus on this. If you do tip in these situations, how much do you tip? I look forward to everyone's thoughts on this. Thanks so much, Maureen Well, I always tip whatever the change is on my bill. I always use cash when going through the drive-thru so it's easier to do it that way. I would probably always throw a buck on there because I tend to tip pretty much everywhere, sometimes to my detriment. What about you? Let's help Maureen out. What do you think? Yes or no to a tip at the drive thru. Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

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