Social Dilemma-Is This Boss Being a Bully?

Today's social dilemma is a bit of a serious one that came from an email from Cassie, who is having some problems at work. This is what she wrote. Hi Jaime. I have a problem with my boss at work lately; he seems to be knit picking every little thing I do. Last week was a crazy week both at home and at work. I got home at 11pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings because of a commitments I made months ago. I showed up to work on time and performed my job the way I should.  On Friday my boss waited for my other coworkers to leave, then came over to me and said I have something uncomfortable to talk to you about. He said he's noticed I haven't been "put together" the past couple of days. He then said i know you had some personal things going on this week but i don't like they way you've been dressing. Now, I've worn the same clothes in the past and they are always laundered. (I've sent a picture with the email so you can see the outfit)   Then today he hands me a bag of soap and hygiene products. I don't smell, I'm very clean and I am capable of taking care of myself and my family.  I really like this job but am wondering if I should quit. My boss is well known and a 25 year veteran and his voice outweighs my 6 years. Am I missing something here or am I being bullied. I just don't what to do! Please help me out Jaime. I'll be listening. ~ Cassie. Wow, this is tough. It does sound like he's bullying her, but in a way that would be hard to put a finger on. I think if it was me, I would first talk with him, and then let him know I would be speaking to his supervisor about it, and then go from there. Either way though, it's not easy. How would you handle this situation? Let's help Cassie out. Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

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