Social Dilemma-How Many Cards Do You HAVE to Carry With You?

Today's social dilemma came about because over the weekend I was trying to use a gift that my sister gave me for Christmas. I rarely carry a pocketbook, so I have a phone case wallet. You know the kind that you put your phone on one side and all your cards on the other and there's a spot for cash too. Well, for Christmas my sister gave me a case with a spot on the back for two cards, supposedly your driver's license and your credit card. I like the idea of it, I really do, you know cutting down clutter and all that. But after a week or so, I had to go back to my regular case. I can't get by carrying only two cards. Sure the other cards are in my car, but I NEVER remember to bring them into places with me. Suddenly, a gift that was supposed to cut clutter in my mind is making more and more clutter and anxiety. I need my cards with me. Sure my driver's license and one credit card, but what about my debit card, and my Mr. Subb card, and my Sam;s Club card and my insurance cards, and my Mushroom Men card from the Farmers Market. These are important things, so I had to bail on my sister's very thoughtful and lovely gift and go back to my wallet phone case. Would you be able to make it with just two cards? Am I being lazy but just not bringing the card in with me when I need it? How many cards do you carry with you everyday? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.

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