Social Dilemma-Would You Take A Pay Cut To Prevent Coworker Layoffs?

Today's TRY Social dilemma came from Tom. It's something he's dealing with at his job and he's looking for our advice. This is what he wrote: Hi Jaime. I work for a business (I don't want to say which one) that is asking something of all it's employees, and I'm wondering what you think of this. Obviously we're in crazy times right now, so to prevent some of my coworkers from losing their jobs, the head of our company is asking that everyone take a 3% decrease in salary. He himself is taking a 5% decrease. He understands this may be difficult, but he explained that if this doesn't happen, some people will HAVE to be laid off. He has also promised to make it up to us when the world gets back to normal. I don't like the idea, but I'm willing to tighten my belt so that my friends can keep their jobs (this is a locally owned company). However, many of my coworkers don't seem willing to do this, basically saying it's every man for themselves right now. I don't agree. I'm just wondering what you think. What would you do in this situation? I'll be listening. Thanks so much Jaime. ~ Tom My answer: I absolutely would do that. I believe we're all in it together, so while it would be tough to live on less than I'm used to, I would be willing to tighten my belt so to speak so that some of my coworkers can still have an income. What about you? What advice do you have for Tom? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.



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