Three More Capital Region Drive-In's Are Opening This Weekend!!

This is pretty exciting. Who knew how lucky we'd be to have so many Drive-In's still working in our area. Last weekend when the Governor lifted restrictions on Drive-in's, the Jericho in Glenmont and the Ozoner 29 in Broadalbin immediately opened. And now this weekend, three more of local drive-ins will be joining them. The Hollywood Drive In, The Malta Drive In and the Hi-Way Drive In will all open their "doors" beginning tonight! Now just like the other drive ins, there will be a reduced number of cars allowed in, and if you leave your car, you must have a face mask on. Most are asking that you sit in your car for the duration of the movie. The Malta has two screens so they'll have two double features playing. One geared more towards kids, the other towards adults. The Hollywood will only be playing one movie so as to reduce bathroom breaks, and The Hi-Way in Coxsacki has FOUR screens and will be playing four double features. To find out what movies are playing at each theatre and their specific guidelines, just click on the name of the theatre to get to their website. I hope to go this weekend. What about you