Would You Eat This New Treat? Hot Dog Rice Krispie Treats???

I know quarantine has brought out our desire to bake . . . and also our need to eat strange combos of whatever food we've got in the house . . . but this is just outrageous. I've been making all kinds of cakes with different recipes, but this new treat borne out of Covid quarantines just sounds so wrong to me. A website called the Vulgar Chef just released a new recipe for, are you ready for it, hot dog Rice Krispies treats. And basically, it's a batch of Rice Krispies treats with cut up hot dogs mixed in . . . and then ketchup, mustard, and relish on top. The thought of this is so gross to me. I mean we talked about my love of the rice krispie treat just a couple of weeks ago. But with hotdogs and mustard?!?!?!?! Nope. But now i'm thinking I should try to make it. I'll make it if someone will join me in making it and we'll try it together. Let me know if you're in on the TRY Facebook page.