If You Want To Go To Disney World Now, You'll Need 5 Weeks of Vacation

Going on vacation is difficult in the time of Covid. I know many of of us have cancelled or postponed them. I postponed my annual DisneyWorld trip until next year, but I have some friends that still want to go. The problem is, if you're heading to DIsney or anywhere in Florida from NYS, you'll need five weeks to go and come back. Here's the deal. Florida has a quarantine rule for people from NYS. Therefore when you fly into Florida (Orlando if you're heading to DIsney), you must go directly to your hotel and not leave for two weeks. Then you can head to Disney World or wherever else you want to visit. But wait, when it's time for you to return home, you then have to quarantine at your house here in NY for another two weeks. So basically, a one week vacation ends up taking five weeks. I have friends with reservations in October and November. Who knows if anything will change by then. We'll have to wait and see. For now, for me, it's not worth risking Covid, especially by going to Florida because the numbers there are so high. What about you? Could you do this?

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