Join Jaime's New Book Club-First Up, The Midwife Murders by James Patterson

You know, as we're moving into the Fall, and then Winter, I thought it would be fun to start a book club. We all know the next couple of seasons are going to be difficult, and we'll be looking for things to do. Hard to eat outside when the temperature drops to 35. So why not start a book club, so we can all read something together, and talk about it. It's always more fun to discuss a great book you're reading with someone else who is reading it too. I'm a big fan of mystery/suspense so I thought I would start with an author everyone knows and that's James Patterson. This book was on the NYTimes Bestseller list as a hardcover and last month it came out as a paperback and it's back on the best seller list. It's cheaper to get the paperback and I thought, let's jump in with this one. The Midwife Murders by James Patterson. That's the one! So if you want in on the book club, just drop me a quick email saying you want in. Send it to with the subject being BOOK CLUB! We'll give everyone a chance to get the book either from the library, a book store, kindle or audio book. I'll keep you updated each day, and then at the end of next week, we'll start reading together. Hopefully you're in with me. I'll still be reading but it's much more fun to read with someone else. Again, just email me with the subjet BOOK CLUB. My address again is Thanks! Hope you're in!

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