Social Dilemma-Do You Have to Answer A Text Right Away?

Today's TRY Social dilemma is about using our phones. Here's the email: Hey Jaime. I'm wondering how you feel about this. Are you a person who feels the need to respond to a text when you receive it? I am pretty much this way...admittedly because of my anxiety...and this silly behavior also creates a dynamic in my brain: that others need to also respond in a similar timely fashion. It's not healthy right? If I don't respond right away now, people think I am missing, injured, dead. And, I want to change my patterns. How are you with texts? If it's not your family/ kids etc... do you respond right away, or do you wait sometime. When is it considered rude? I'm really wondering how others handle this. Thanks ~ Allie That's interesting because I have an issue with this too. I always felt like I had to respond immediately, but the truth is, I don't think you do. I think it's like a phone call. You return it when you get a chance unless it's an emergency. At least that's what I think. What about you? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.