Elton John Gives His Side of The Story in His Feud with Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart recently said in an interview that he and Elton John are still feuding, and it seems Elton has commented on their fight in the new chapter for the paperback version of his memoir “Me.” The dispute started after Rod criticized Elton for announcing his retirement following a farewell tour, calling it “not very rock and roll,” and Elton didn’t take too kindly to it. “I certainly didn’t feel like I needed a lecture on the feral spirit of rock and roll from someone who’d spent most of the last decade crooning his way through the Great American Songbook and ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,’” Elton writes. “What’s more, I thought he had a 'bleeping' cheek, complaining about me promoting a tour while he was sat on a TV show promoting his own tour.” Elton says after being furious for months he sent Rod a message, noting they’d “known each other far too long to fall out over something like that,” but Rod didn’t get back to him. Rod’s manager told him it was because the singer was on “constant vocal rest,” but then Elton saw him talking on talk shows. They haven’t talked since, with Elton offering, “I had no idea what I’d done to upset him so much. Which was ironic, given the hours I’d put in over the years deliberately trying to annoy him.” So for now, Elton and Rod are still not talking. Let's hope these two icons of music can bury the hatchet and get back to being buddies!