Dilemma-Is It the Real Estate Agents Fault If Someone Steals From Your Home

Today's 98.3 TRY Social dilemma came from Tim. Here's his email: Hey Jaime, I'm having a big problem right now, and I'm in an argument with my Real Estate Agent. Here's what happened. I put my house on the market and in the process of having to show my home, my Real Estate Agent told me to put away anything that might be valuable. Well, the one thing I didn't think to put away was a bottle of Kentucky Derby Woodford Reserve Bourban that had the date that the Derby would have been on if Covid didn't happen. We've been very lucky in that there's been a lot of interest in the house with several appointments for people to come and look at it. However, yesterday I realized that my Derby bottle of bourbon is gone. I'm not exactly sure what day it went missing, but I believe it's the Real Estate Agent's fault for not watching people better as they were in my home. My Agent said that she told me to put away valuables so it's my fault. I'm so upset about this. I think the Agent should cover the cost. What do you think? Thanks Jaime, love listening ~ Tim. Wellllll, I think the Real Estate Agent is right. I mean it's awful that someone would steal something, but the Agent did tell him to put the valuables away. What do you think? Whose fault do you think it is? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.