Walmart to Roll Out Black Friday Deals Over Three Weekends in November

Everyone has been wondering how department stores will handle Black Friday sales in the wake of the Covid pandemic, and now we know how one of them will be dealing with it. Walmart has announced that it will spread out it's Black Friday deals over three weekends in November to try to reduce the crowds in the store. Walmart also said that a lot of it's "doorbuster" deals will be online only, to try to people out of the store and keep them shopping in their homes. So here's how it will work. Walmart will kick off with deals online on November 4th, and then there will be new deals in the stores on November 7th. The same thing will happen with online deals on November 11th with a big sales event instores on November 14th and then finally, online sales on November 25th with new discounts in stores on the real Black Friday, November 27th. They will also be limiting the amount of customers in the stores on those big sale days to just 20% capacity. And they are offering curbside pickup at the stores for Black Friday orders. Will you take advantage of any of the sales. I would definitely go for the online sales, but I'm not planning on shopping on Black Friday for sales. What about you?