Elton John Now Has His Own Barbie Doll! *SEE PHOTOS**

I think this is really cool!! Elton John now has his own Barbie doll, which "celebrates his unique look." Mattel says, quote, "The Elton John Barbie doll shines bright in a glittery top and flared denim embellished with Elton's sparkling initials. "Her 'Elton'-embossed bomber jacket features star-printed sleeves and a rainbow-striped hem. Nods to the artist's iconic style include rainbow-striped platform boots, a purple bowler hat and sparkly, pink-tinted sunglasses." So, it's still Barbie . . . just glammed up like she's going as Elton for Halloween. Elton posted photos which you can see below, of his Barbie, and called it an "honor." Mattel is selling the Elton-inspired Barbie for $50.00. What do you think? I dig it!