Do You Plan on Voting Early? Check Out Where to Go In Your County!

Early voting in NYS kicked off over the weekend. I admit, I was all set to go and vote early. I think I was feeling what we're all feeling. I wanted to avoid the lines, I wanted to make sure I got my vote in, and I didn't want to have to worry about it on Election Day. Well, I headed out to do my civic duty and I couldn't believe the long lines at the early voting polling places. So I turned around and came home. I figured I'll check again later in the week to see how the lines are. I also thought if I'm going to have to wait in line, I'd rather do it at my regular polling place which is right near my house.

Now as I said early voting is underway, but there are specific places you have to go to place your vote early, and more than likely it's not your regular polling place. Find out exactly where you can go to vote early by clicking here. You'll just be asked to put in your name and address, and the site will direct you to two or three different options for voting ahead of time. It's definitely worth checking out. I'm going to try again this week. Hopefully the lines will be shorter and I can take care of my civic duty and know that my voice was heard. Don't forget, click here for the early voting info here in NYS.