I Went to Haunted Hallows At the Altamont Fairground and It was So Fun!

Friday night I went out with Diane for some fun, safe Halloween fun! We went to the Altamont Fairgrounds for their Hollowed Harvest! And it was so great! They have over 7000 pumpkins all carved in different shapes and manners to put together all kinds of cool stuff like dinosaurs, sharks, spiders, castles, motorcycles, clowns and more. You won't believe what they can do! It was very safe and socially distant. Of course, it all took place outside, masks were required and there was plenty of space inbetween people. It took us about 45 minutes to walk around and see all the different pumpkin carvings. It really was a nice way to spend the evening. So if you're looking for a safe way to celebrate Halloween with the family, I recommend this. Pick up a bag of candy on the way home, and boom, you've celebrated Halloween. And you can stay home and watch scary movies on the actual Halloween! Now keep in mind you have to buy your tickets ahead of time and make a time set reservation. It's really easy to do on their website. So Find out more about Altamont Fairgrounds Hoillowed Harvest by clicking here.