A Little Owl Was Found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree!

This is so sweet. I feel like we need to write a children's book about this story. We all heard that the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was found in Oneonta this year. And yes, over the past several days it made it's way to Rockefeller Center in NYC. But what you didn't know is that an owl hitched a ride on that tree to the big city. There was a tiny owl found in the tree when the workers were putting it up. Thankfully the worker who found the little owl contacted the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties and they took in the little guy. He was dehydrated and hungry but once they gave him some fluids and a big meal, he was doing just fine! After being taken to the Vet yesterday, he got a clean bill of health and will soon be released back into the wild. But now he has a name.....Rockefeller! That seems appropriate! Check out those pictures. He's just adorable!! And quick someone write that children's book now!