Meet Mick, Our Sweet Shy Pet of the Week from the MHHS!

We have such a beautiful boy from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society as our Pet of the Week. Mick is a 2-year-old shepherd from down south. They ran out of space down there, so he's looking for a fresh start up north. Mick is a nervous guy, so he's yearning for a patient, quiet home. He was not socialized well, so he is looking for a family that will be active, and work on his confidence. He loves food, so training should be pretty simple, and would be a great bonding activity. He does not like other animals, and would do best in a home with teenagers or in an adult-only home. He would do well with lots of exercise to help keep him busy, and to help him see that the world isn't a scary place. We are looking for a home that has had shepherd experience to help this 75-pound puppy succeed!. To find out more about Mick or to adopt him, just contact our friends at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society by clicking here.

And don't forget, the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society is always in need of our help. With the world being what it is right now, the Food Pantry is so important because it allows people who can't afford to buy the food to still feed their pets and keep them in the home. If you can, please donate dry cat and dry dog food to the pantry. Find out how by clicking here.