My Chat with Drew Prescott/Prescott Private Wealth on 2021 and His Webinar

I had such a great conversation with Drew this morning about what we can expect financially in 2021. Drew always has great advice.. Let's face it, with the world being what it is right now, we all need a little help making sure we're on top of our finances, and Drew is there with the answers. He even has a webinar coming up that you can be a part of for free but you must reserve your spot which you can do by contacting Drew by calling him at 518-203-1983 or more importantly, heading to Drew's Prescott Private Wealth page on Facebook by clicking here, you'll find out about webinars you can attend and get other information that can really help you with your financial situation. If you have any questions for Drew, you can always ask him directly on his Facebook page (just click here), or head to his website, Prescott Private Wealth (just click here), or you can always send the questions to me at Drew and I talk money and finance every Wednesday at 8:50am, so if you'd like to hear your question on the air, please just send it our way. Thanks! Now check out my conversation with Drew below.