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The Most Streamed TV Shows of 2020! Did You Watch These?

Nielsen has released lists of the most-STREAMED TV shows of 2020 on the four main streaming services: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+.  You know, these were the shows keeping us company during the pandemic. And even though Nielson ranked the shows from the four main services, Netflix very easily came out on top in 2020. Here are the 10 most streamed shows that were licensed from TV networks, along with the streaming platform (although they're all from Netflix):

1. "The Office", Netflix

2. "Grey's Anatomy", Netflix

3. "Criminal Minds", Netflix

4. "NCIS", Netflix

5. "Schitt's Creek", Netflix

6. "Supernatural", Netflix

7. "Shameless", Netflix

8. "New Girl", Netflix

9. "The Blacklist", Netflix

10. "Vampire Diaries", Netflix

Okay, I admit that I watched several of these shows like The Office, NCIS, Schitt's Creek and Shameless. The Office was often on in the background for "comfort tv." Now it's on Peacock so I'll have to consider getting that service but so far I'm not buying. But what about the original shows on the streaming services. Here's that top 10. Disney + was able to break through and get a show in the top 10! Check out the list.

1. "Ozark", Netflix

2. "Lucifer", Netflix

3. "The Crown", Netflix

4. "Tiger King", Netflix

5. "The Mandalorian", Disney+

6. "The Umbrella Academy", Netflix

7. "The Great British Baking Show", Netflix

8. "Boss Baby: Back in Business", Netflix

9. "Longmire", Netflix

10. "You", Netflix

Yep, I watched all of these except Boss Baby and Longmire. What about you?

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