What Did You Think of Lady Gaga's Rendition of the National Anthem?

Yesterday Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem at the Inauguration, and I have to say, I thought she did a fantastic job. There weren't many vocal gymnastics as I like to call them. Just a little bit towards the end, but that was okay with me. She has such a beautiful voice. But let's also talk about her outfit. It wouldn't be Lady Gaga if we didn't talk about her outfit. Didn't you feel like it was straight out of the Hunger Games? I know the dove broach was all about peace, but it looked like the mockingjay pin in Hunger Games. And so did her braided hair. Some years it's Aretha Franklin's hat, other years, it's Lady Gaga's broach. Either way, she did an amazing job in my opinion. What did you think?