Rod Stewart and Elton John Have Made Up After Their BIG Fight

We've talked about the fact that Elton John and Rod Stewart have been feuding for a while. Their fight stems from comments Rod made over Elton’s farewell tour, which he described as “money grabbing,” saying it was "dishonest" and that it "stinks of selling tickets.”  Well, in case you missed it, in a recent interview Rod has revealed that the pair made up after he decided to apologize to set an example for his children.  “I say to my kids, ‘A man apologizes, go and apologize to your mother’. We’ve just made up as friends again, me and Elton,” Rod shared on the "Harry Redknapp Show" podcast. “We’ve always been fierce enemies, as you know, through the years, but it’s always been at a playful level,” adding, “But we had the worst row, like a married couple. It went on forever.” Rod admitted that his comments were wrong and decided to reach out to Elton to clear the air. “I was a bit spiteful when he announced his tour. I regret it, I really do regret it,” he said. "So we’re mates again now. I do love him.”