Social Dilemma-What Keeps Your Hands Warmer? Mittens or Gloves?

Today's 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma is a fun one, and it has to do with what to wear in the winter on your hands. Here's the email: Hey Jaime This sounds silly but it's an "argument" I have regularly with friends and coworkers. Obviously here in the Northeast, we have winter weather for about six months of the year. It doesn't stop me from going out and enjoying myself. I like being outside in the winter. Whether I'm snowmobiling or just going for a walk, I am very clear about what keeps my hands warm. It's mittens. Period. Now friends have mocked and said only kids wear mittens, but no way...mittens are the way to go when it's freezing out. People can push gloves on me all they want, but I'm a mittens man and proud of it. So I want to know what other people wear. Are you smart like me with mittens or do you wear gloves? Thanks Jaime. Stay warm! ~ Luke. Well I love Luke's email. I have both gloves and mittens, but I admit that what I wear most of the time is a combination of gloves and mittens (pictured below), so I'm covered on all fronts. I also have just mittens and just gloves depending on what situation I'll be in. When shoveling I wear the mittens. What about you? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.