Another TV Show Revival-This Time It's Criminal Minds That's Coming Back!

It seems like almost every day we're talking about an old show being revived or remade, and here we are again! It's been almost exactly one year since Criminal Minds went off the air on CBS, after being on for 15 seasons. Well now comes word that Criminal Minds may not be over after all. Apparently, CBS' new streaming service, Paramount Plus (formerly CBS All Access) is looking to revive Criminal Minds but with a much shorter season. The Executive Producer of the show is onboard, but so far no word as to which original stars of the show would be onboard to come back. Apparently what they want to do is get some of the original cast and pair them with new characters. We'll have to see how this plays out. I really liked Criminal Minds, but I'm not sure I'm ready for it to come back. Although, with it being on a streaming service, they'll be able to make it a bit more intense, graphic and realistic than when it was on network TV. Are you ready to watch a revival of Criminal Minds? Let me know what you think.